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Latest Version: 2.0.4109.0 (History)

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Please note this is no longer compatible with Lightroom 2.

In my view one of the main missing functions within Adobe Lightroom is the ability to locate duplicate images. This plug-in does just that, based on a variety of EXIF data.

There are already utilities which will compare files to see if they're identical, but they don't cope well with Lightroom images. Because Lightroom can write metadata back into the files, identical photos can be different on disk because of something as simple as a 'last edit time' value. They also don't help where one image has been changed, for example scaled, but is still essentially the same image.

By using the EXIF data, this plugin finds all photos which came from the same source; it compares the camera model, serial number, lens, ISO speed etc. It can also filter by keywords and filename to narrow results down further.


  • Scan the entire catalog, or a selection, or within a selection, for duplicate images.
  • You can choose what EXIF data is used for matching.
  • Results displayed in a Smart Collection, with matched photos grouped together.

You can download and read the manual here. PDF Icon


  • Adobe Lightroom 3 or newer
  • Windows or MacOS X

Watch it at work!


You can download and use the plug-in as a demonstration for FREE. These links will also work to update an existing copy, licensed or not.

Without a license, it is limited to finding a small number of duplicate images. To remove this restriction, you can buy a license for it here.

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