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Files are duplicates but not being found
Posted by Jim Keir on 26 February 2010 02:39 PM
The plugin uses EXIF metadata to match the files rather than image contents or a simple file compare. If the EXIF metadata is different, the files will not be matched even if the image itself is the same. This is intentional; checking the image contents is not possible from inside Lightroom, although other programs exist which will do this.

It checks the capture time, camera serial number and ISO rating by default. You can choose to also match several other fields which will probably be the same for duplicate images.

If you're sure you have two images which should be matched, please open a ticket and attach the two images so that we can check why they're not being matched.

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07 July 2010 10:05 PM
Downloaded the trial version. Running LR2 on a Mac Pro. Thought I'd give it a simple task, imported 600 images and then re-imported the same 600. So we have a nice sample of 1,200 images to test against...I'm expecting 600 matches (or however many it will report on the demo.)

First Run I got 8, second run I got 15, 3rd I got 0. Open the Smart collection and it contains 4 images?!? Re-load Lightroom and I still have 4 images.

Not sure I'd like to spend anything on this plugin. Rather than being all fancy with your EXIF (I use film and a 4,000dps scanner), why not start with a simple "File Name" match?

Sorry to moan but it's not too hot :(

*** Response:

You would have only got a small number of duplicates because you were using the trial version, which stops after a small number with a message saying that it's in trial mode. If it found everything, it wouldn't be a trial, would it? The differing numbers found will be down to the selection order in the database, and the fact that it finished before it had found everything. Again, this is because it's in trial mode.

It *does* do a filename match. You just need to tick the "Base Filename" option.

I don't think using EXIF is "being fancy". Most people now use digital cameras which do fill out the EXIF fields. The plugin still works on scanned images - I use a medium-format camera and a scanner myself, as well as the digitial - but it is of course restricted to information that's manually entered.
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