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No "Find Duplicates" menu item
Posted by Jim Keir on 26 February 2010 02:31 PM
The first thing to check is that you're looking at the right menu. Lightroom has three "Plugin Extras" menus, and the one used by all the plugins here is the one on the "Library" menu. That's the menu labelled "Library", not the menu labelled "File" in Lightroom's Library module.

If this doesn't help, check to see that the plugin is enabled.

1) Open the Plugin Manager (from the File menu)
2) Look for a "Find Duplicates" entry on the left
3) If it's not there, use the "Add" button at the bottom to find the plugin and add it.
4) Check for a green dot next to the "Find Duplicates" entry.
5) If it's grey, you need to enable the plugin. Select the plugin and click the "Enable" button on the right, in the "Status" panel.

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