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Blank or damaged Alamy pseudonym File
Posted by - NA - on 03 October 2011 08:47 PM

Alamy allow you to define many "pseudonyms" when you upload photos. This can be a useful way of separating different types of photography in Alamy's search functions.

For technical reasons, the Alamy-Lightroom Bridge needs to store these in a file on disk instead of in Lightroom's catalog. If this file is missing or damaged, the plugin can be prevented from working correctly. Normally if this happens, the plugin will rebuild the file itself the next time you start Lightroom.

If you have this problem repeatedly, please let us know. However, always let the plugin try to rebuild the file itself first. As long as it is able to connect to Alamy's servers, it should be able to rebuild it.

If you want to force a rebuild, possibly because you think the file is damaged or the pseudonyms listed in Lightroom's "Details" panel are incorrect, you can use the "Clear Pseudonyms" button in Lightroom's Plugin Manager. This will force the plugin to begin an automatic rebuild; again, you will need to restart Lightroom at least once and possibly twice for the file to be rebuild.

Please only report this as a problem if the plugin has been unable to rebuild the file after restarting Lightroom at least twice!

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