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Do I need to pay for updates?
Posted by Jim Keir on 16 April 2012 02:51 PM

Before March 2015

Before March 2015, all upgrades are free. However, due to increasing support demands I have reluctantly decided to follow the common practise of charging a small amount for upgrades.

After March 2015

After March 2015, upgrades are free for one year after you buy your license. Your license does not expire, ever. You will be able to use the version you paid for, and any versions released in the following year, indefinitely. After the first year you will be asked to pay a token amount if you want to use the latest version of the software. This will then give you access to the latest version, and all updates in the following year.

The automatic update check built into all plugins built after February 2015 will tell you if a newly released version comes within your free support period. To extend your license to cover the latest versions of the software, please log into the helpdesk using the email address that the license was issued to and visit the "Licenses" section. From here you can view and extend your existing licenses, or buy new ones.

If you bought your license in the year preceding March 2015 and you are using one of the Lightroom plugins, you can use the "Retrieve License" button in Lightroom's Plugin Manager to have a new license which is valid for the correct period emailed to you automatically. If there is no "Retrieve License" button then your plugin is older than March 2015; you can choose to keep using that version indefinitely, or update to the latest version and then request your new license.

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