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Why isn't all my Alamy metadata present after uploading?
Posted by Jim Keir on 29 November 2011 07:10 PM
After you upload photos to Alamy, some of the fields are present but others are missing.

When you upload a new photo, the plugin will add as much of the standard metadata as it can to the JPEG. This covers the majority of the fields, specifically those which map directly to an IPTC metadata field. This is because the file that gets sent to Alamy is just that - a standard JPEG - and there is no way to send the Alamy-specific metadata at the same time.

On upload, Alamy accept it provisionally and only assign it a unique reference number and add it to their catalogue after it has been accepted by their QA. At this point they should email you, and you can now use the "Fetch Alamy Metadata" function to get their unique identifier for your photo. Now, Lightroom knows how Alamy refer to your photo and you can exchange the other metadata.

You can now use the "Set Alamy Metadata" function to send all the Alamy-specific metadata fields such as Essential and Main keywords, model release etc. At any point from now on you can use the Set or Fetch functions to synchronise the metadata, no matter whether you use Lightroom or Alamy's online tools to edit it.

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