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How do I set up an Eye-Fi ProX2 card?
Posted by Jim Keir on 30 June 2015 09:52 AM

To install an Eye-Fi ProX2 card, go to the Settings tab and find the "Eye-Fi Cards" section. When you initially set up your Eye-Fi ProX2 card on your PC or Mac, you created an account with Eye-Fi. Enter the account details in the for "Account" and "Password", and tap "Get Cards". PhotoPhile will now contact the Eye-Fi servers and retrieve the details for your ProX2 card.

Next you will be asked to install a network profile. This is needed to let the iPad connect to the Eye-Fi card. There will be several warnings saying that the profile is not signed, which you will need to accept.

Finally, in the EyeFi Setup section of the Settings tab, make sure that the "Enable Eye-Fi Server" setting is on.

If PhotoPhile does not receive any photos from your card, it may be necessary to use your PC or Mac to check the card settings. In the "Eye-Fi Center", go to the card's settings, check in the "Photos" and "RAW" tabs and make sure that the "Enable" tickbox is on.

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