The Ignore option doesn't seem to work
Posted by Jim Keir on 20 May 2015 11:33 AM

Any photo can be explicitly excluded from a duplicate search by setting "Ignore in Search" to Yes, or by setting a keyword that you then tell the plugin to exclude. However, in some cases, these photos can still show up in a duplicate search.

These options tell the plugin never to match this photo when it is identified as a duplicate of a photo that it is searching for. In other words, the decision on whether to exclude a photo comes after a photo has been identified as a duplicate of another photo. When you search "For Selected" or "Within Selected" photos, all photos that you select are searched for even if they've been set to "ignore", simply because if you've requested a search for a specific photo then that search should run.

In short, ignored photos will never be considered as a duplicate of another photo, but may themselves be searched for if you explicitly select them. 

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