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Recovering Storage Space
Posted by Jim Keir on 24 February 2015 03:09 PM

Full-size JPEG photos can take a lot of storage, and RAW files take even more. An iPad can quickly exhaust it's storage space if you're not careful.

You can find out exactly how much space is in use by PhotoPhile on the Info tab. Open this and check the "Image Storage", "Thumbnail Storage" and "Tile Cache" values.

Image Storage is the space taken by actual photos. The only way to recover this space is to delete photos using the Grid.

Thumbnail Storage is used to store small icons for each photo. This allows the Grid to be very responsive, but does take extra space. You can safely remove these using the "Clear" button. PhotoPhile will automatically recreate the thumbnails when they're needed.

Tile Cache is used for quick-access versions of very large photos, which allow them to be quickly viewed at 1:1 size even on older iPads. As with the thumbnails, you can clear these down using the "Clear" button and PhotoPhile will recreate them if necessary.

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