Bracketed or high-speed shots may be identified as duplicates
Posted by Jim Keir on 09 June 2012 04:36 PM

Since the duplicate finder works by looking at the image metadata, it is possible for it to detect pictures taken very close together as potential duplicates. This is because the timestamp recorded against a photo is only accurate to the nearest second.

If you are bracketing, there would normally be one or more of the exposure or aperture different between your bracketed shots, so provided you use these when searching for duplicates they should not be found. Sequences of shots taken without bracketing, such as in high-speed shooting mode, may well have the same settings and so will appear to be duplicates to the plugin.

If you intend to keep more than one shot from each high-speed shooting sequence, you can mark individual photos as 'not a duplicate' by setting the "Duplicate Search" to "No" in the "All Plugin Metadata" panel. This will prevent them from being picked up in future duplicate searches.

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