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Updated version of XPForce due
Posted by Site Admin on 17 January 2015 02:05 PM

A new build of XPForce is available containing many bugfixes and new features. This will be available as a free upgrade to all existing customers!

  • Add ability to retain forces with XPlane in the background
  • Rescan the window list every time the joystick is lost - possible fix for crash on task switch
  • Double the range of the "Gear Bumpiness" slider
  • Make re-acquiring joystick control faster in foreground-only mode
  • Make aerodynamic forces sensitive to airspeed with multi-engine aircraft
  • Support for multi-engine propwash
  • Support for forces generated by autopilot servos
  • Fix occasional crash when the active window is changed to one outside of X-Plane
  • Fix strong force effect on initial load
  • Fix possible juddering on some processors
  • Fix landing gear bumps
  • Fix display problems with drop-down lists
  • Fix crash on shutdown for certain processor types
  • Add optional automatic update checks
  • Improve landing gear bumpiness to deal with larger aircraft better
  • Fix a crash on joysticks providing three force-enabled axes
  • Speedbrake turbulence strength setting was not being saved

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