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Latest Version: 1.0.5443, Monday, 25-Jul-2016 12:03:19 BST (Changes in this version)

Lightroom is very fast and easy to use, but lacks a few simple features that would make it friendlier to your hard drive. When you import photos it automatically creates previews, which let it load your photos faster but each preview uses up a small amount of diskspace.

The problem is that over time, these build up. If your catalog is on a smaller disk, maybe a high-speed SSD, it can quickly take over the entire drive. Although Lightroom gives you the option (under "Catalog Settings") to remove 1:1 previews, the normal-sized previews just hang around your disk forever.

This plugin adds some more controls, which let you automatically or manually delete cached previews by time, size or both. Lightroom automatically recreates previews if it finds that they are missing, so this will free up your precious hard-disk space without any drawbacks!


  • Remove old, unused previews automatically or manually
  • Free up disk space on your hard drive
  • Clean up based on age or size, or both

You can download and read the manual here. PDF Icon


  • Adobe Lightroom 3 or newer, including CC Classic. Lightroom CC Cloud is a cut-down version of Lightroom with no plugin support.
  • Windows or MacOS X
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You can download and use the plug-in as a demonstration for FREE. These links will also work to update an existing copy, licensed or not.

Without a license, it will tell you what would be removed, but will not actually remove anything.