PhotoPhile for iPad

Latest Version: 1.0.6781, Thursday, 19-Apr-2018 11:22:44 BST

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  • Publish photos directly from Lightroom, no other sync program or iTunes required.
  • Work on photos already on your iPad, Lightroom not required.
  • Edit your Lightroom Library attributes - flags, stars, labels etc. - on your iPad
  • Works remotely, no need for a permanent connection to your Lightroom PC/Mac
  • Full sorting and filtering ability on your iPad
  • Support for dual-screen AirPlay mode
  • Send multiple photos to Facebook and Twitter

The manual is now online here.


  • Windows or MacOS X
  • iPad with iOS 5 or better
  • Adobe Lightroom 3 or newer if you're using the Lightroom Sync

What is it?

If you've ever spent ages frantically scrolling through page after page of photos on your iPad trying to find one to show to someone, this App is for you. It uses the EXIF data in your photos to allow you to sort them, filter them, group them and generally make them much easier to find.

It also allows you to 'tag' photos with star ratings, labels and a 'yes/no' flag to make them even easier to find. All of these things can be searched for and filtered. You can also add comments.

Once you've decided on how to group your photos you can save that filter and re-use it later, or send those photos back to the Photos App as a new Album, or post them to Facebook or Twitter using the accounts built into your iPad.

You need never lose a photo again!

What about Lightroom?

If these features sound familiar, then you're probably already a Lightroom user. PhotoPhile comes with a plugin which installs into Lightroom and lets you sync photos directly to the iPad, complete with their metadata. So, if you already have stars, flags, labels or captions set in Lightroom then they're all sent straight to PhotoPhile. You choose which photos to transfer using the standard Lightroom "Publish" feature.

Best of all, you can make changes to any of these things on the iPad and simply sync them back to Lightroom, with the optional Sync feature. This makes it easy to work with your photos away from your desk, maybe even just handing your iPad to clients and letting them sort and choose photos themselves!

Watch it at work!