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VNC onto MacOS Lion has no keyboard
Posted by Jim Keir on 06 August 2012 06:21 PM

Trying to use a Mac Mini over VNC... last time I used it, it was fine. Tried today and got no keyboard response, even though the mouse was fine. Hadn't been restarted, hadn't had any patches applied.

Well, to cut a very long and tedious story short, it turns out that if you have a non-standard keyboard configured then none of the available VNC servers for Lion accept any keyboard input. I tried with built-in Screen Sharing, Vine Server and RealVNC all with the same problem. Also tried all of Vine Server's various keyboard input methods in the "Advanced" tab with no luck, using several different VNC clients.

So, I've had to remove my "GB Windows Standard" keyboard layout on the Mac Mini and revert back to the "Blessed by St. Jobs" one instead. Do that, restart the VNC servers and hey presto, I can type over VNC again (although half the symbols I need for programming are in the wrong place).

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