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How to resubmit photos to Alamy
Posted by Jim Keir on 25 May 2010 10:35 AM
You need to resubmit some photos to Alamy but you get a message saying they have already been submitted.

When the plugin uploads an image, it stores the Alamy Media Reference in the submitted photo's metadata as an indication that it has been submitted. This is done for two reasons; first, it allows you to check which photos have been submitted. Secondly, the Media Reference is used when matching photos during the metadata download under some circumstances.

The "Media Reference" is not the same as the "Alamy Reference". The "Media Ref" is the same for each photo in each uploaded batch, and will typically be "OL#####". The "Alamy Ref" is unique to each picture.

The plugin will refuse to re-submit a photo if either the "Alamy Ref" or the "Alamy Media Ref" values are set. Clearing these is simple; select the photo or photos you want to re-submit and just erase the contents of those two fields using the Library's Metadata panel. They will be visible if you use the "Alamy" or "Alamy Plus" presets.

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