Changes in LRDuplicates2 Beta V2.0.9794

Date Change
23 December 2020 No final dialog was shown if all potential matches were eliminated before using exiftool.
23 December 2020 If no EXIF date/time is available, optionally fall back to using the file modification date as Lightoom does.
26 October 2018 Remove "fast2" flag from EXIFTool options
18 October 2018 Add ability to specify arbitrary flags to EXIFTool.
17 October 2018 Add "CustomRendered" for detecting Apple HDR images
15 October 2018 More search options: Digitized time, Flash on/off, Sequence Number, Sample Depth and Sample Format
11 October 2018 Detect a damaged catalog and scan it for the actual damaged photos if affected.
18 September 2018 Add ability to filter videos, photos or both. Add options to compare video duration.
18 September 2018 Tidy up the dialog and add tooltips.
18 September 2018 The "OK" button was disabled on the very first run until any setting was changed.
18 September 2018 Add "Welcome" dialog to get you started!
07 October 2016 Fix for "search-for" not working as expected.
17 July 2016 Add "within displayed" search mode
16 July 2016 Fix "Has Been Cropped" filter
16 July 2016 Show number of photos to be searched in the dialog.
15 July 2016 Optional use of exiftool to get sub-second photo times
22 June 2016 Allow photos selected in a duplicate collection to be used as the basis of a subsequent search
22 June 2016 Fix demo message regarding number of duplicates found.
22 June 2016 Fix Search button being disabled on Mac until an option is changed
09 March 2016 Add a new static collection, in order of duplicates found, to make some types of sorting easier.
09 March 2016 Allow ISO and Date matching to be disabled
20 March 2015 Add focal length to duplicate checks
09 December 2014 Fix "impossible" case where Lightroom provides null dimensions
18 November 2014 Change unclear "Duplicate Search" label to "Ignore in Search".
15 November 2014 Rewrite maxima/minima code entirely to avoid photos being missed
11 October 2013 Create required Smart Collections on startup
26 September 2013 Add ability to flag minima/maxima
20 April 2013 Initial Release
10 January 2013 Change manual to show the default path for plugins in LR4 on MacOS is /Applications/Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 4/Contents/PlugIns/
06 August 2012 Allow "Lens" matching to be switched off
20 March 2012 Bugfix for searching for keywords
21 February 2012 Allow images to be flagged as unsearchable
13 May 2011 Release
11 November 2010 Allow files with no EXIF ISO data to be found
10 June 2010 Fix for sometimes finding virtual copies when not intended
05 June 2010 Performance improvements on both LR2 and LR3
05 June 2010 Performance improvement on LR2
01 June 2010 Correctly search on filetypes, aperture and exposure bias
20 April 2010 Add support for LR3
20 January 2010 Allow virtual copies to be excluded
24 December 2009 Allow search for selected photos only
02 December 2009 Initial Release