Lightroom-plugins was started, as with many of my projects, when I wanted to do something that I thought should be simple and it turned out not to be. Lightroom is all about making things simple, trying to take the techy bits out of using a digital darkroom, so why make it complicated?

My background is entirely in large, corporate databases where techy complexity is the rule. Photography was supposed to be an escape from this, not a descent into more levels of intricate details. The plugins here are designed to try and help with this.

I use primarily Windows but Mac certainly isn't ignored. My camera systems are all Canon now, currently a 5D and 7D with far too many lenses, but again I'm not partisan; my wife uses Nikon, but I've forgiven her. I still miss my Fuji medium format but since I use the camera mostly abroad, and given the amount of Canon kit I end up carrying, it was a straight choice between the Fuji and fresh underwear.